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Mission Statement

We are romance authors, readers, and fans who care about the future of this country and are inspired by fellow romance author Stacey Abrams to do what we can to preserve the right to vote. Democracy only thrives when every vote can be cast and counted, and we are fighting to help dismantle the legacy of voter suppression both in Georgia and across the country. All funds raised through our project will go to voting organizations. (In 2024: Fair Fight and VoteRiders)


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Previous Adventure: Romancing the Runoff

Alyssa Cole, Courtney Milan, and Kit Rocha (aka Bree & Donna) met while writing romance. They bonded over a shared love of protagonists who fight for a better world and stories filled with hope and triumph. In 2020 they pulled Romancing the Runoff together in twelve hours. With the help of the romance community, they raised $95,000 before the auction even started. They met their auction goal of $25k in 7 minutes, their expanded goal of $50k in 1 hour, and their stretch goal of $100k in 12 hours. The initial auction has raised a total of $498,000, including an epilogue to auction off an original, autographed copy of Rules of Engagement by Selena Montgomery aka Stacey Abrams... who donated it to them personally.

In 2022 they got the band back together to raise close to $250,000 to enable voting access in the midterms. 2024 will be their third time joining forces for democracy!

Volunteers over the Years

The Romancing the Runoff auction was made possible by the following volunteers: Akeisha, Shivani Seth, Helena Greer, Megan Gemperline, Lillie Applegarth, Melinda Utendorf, Quinn Avery, Laura Pratt, Amery G Wong, Ann Aguirre, Lauren Sullivan, Alyssa Long, Monique Martin, Phoenix Sullivan, Laura Fliegel, Christina Garner, Devin Harnois. We are deeply grateful to every single person who dropped what they were doing and jumped to help.